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12 Artists | 12 Barbershops | Athens


Athens, Greece
June - July 2012


Co-curated by Blanka Amezkua and Sotiris Papanikolaou

Photos by L. A., Sotiris Papanikolaou and Blanka Amezkua

Twelve artists, photographers, painters and sculptors joined in a collective effort to project their contemporary artistic speech exhibiting in the provocative space of a barbershop.  Twelve artists, twelve barbershops, twelve spots in the Athenian metropolis, that want to believe, and invite the spectator in an innovative and ingenious way...


Participating artists: Βασίλης Βασίλη, Δημήτρης Θεοδόσης, Δήμος Μαρουδής, Ελεάνα Χαβιαρά, Ήρα Βλαχάκη, Κaterina Bildjuga, Κωστής Σαρακατσάνος, Μανώλης Αγγελάκης aka tind, Μarion Fischer, Μελίνα Μωϊσιδέλης, Νίcholas Moore and Τζίμης Ευθυμίου.

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