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Thinking with no object


Thinking comes from the release movement from this terrible nature, which was formed as an object – by thought – and subjugated.
It is true that people confirm their existence ( that is , self-preservation) practicing power and control over something or someone.
Modern art, despite intentions and attemps, has failed to destroy the object.
Abstract and amorphous art even though they refuse to represent the objective world, depict the interior, and finally create and expose objects in space.
Conceptual art exposes intellectual objects, while the art of process or activity,
while refusing to devote itself to a work, makes the process percepticble
and captured by perception.
In our postmodern era, which is governed by the analytical-combinational pattern of thought where the parts, either as elementary components or as synthentic parts function equidistantly within the space, and where everything is combined with everything, the subject’s loyalty on the material, does not fulfill requests for equation.
Modern art and culture shows its inability to compromise productive relations, not just between capital and labor, but to the full extent and depth.
In the analytical-combinational scheme of thought of postmodernism, the
“ thinking with no object” one form of creation without object, fights without aggressiveness.

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