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Misunderstood Flowers

Women as objects of wonder, the beauty of a neck, the beautiful curve of a hip and the harsh expression of passive restraint do not impact sexuality as simply ahistorical, purely physical events but as images that contain the whole social experience.*

Since misunderstood flowers offer their "sad" presence as "paid employment" in western societies it constitutes "a kind of exercise" for such societies to be able to deal with these human resources as means to self-discovery.   Sotiris Papanikolaou does not divert from this sort of exercise as an individual artist: inspired by Picasso's provocatively deformed female portraits he in turn uses violence upon the female flesh appearing here as a female person.

(Demos Maroudis)

*Note: Adapted excerpt from the book
"Dialectic of Enlightenment", by M. Horkheimer and T. Adorno.

These works are part of the series Misunderstood Flowers - the result of a collaboration with Blanka Amezkua.

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